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Sometimes evolution produces ridiculous creatures like the sarcastic fringehead just to watch them fight. Immature? Possibly. But you try keeping yourself amused for 3.8 billion years.


Sometimes you fight with teeth and claws; sometimes you fight with venom. And sometimes you fight by taking a deep breath, looking your opponent straight in the beady eye, and proceeding to dazzle the hell out of him.



African Pinups by MUTI

MUTI is a creative studio based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

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A Fence of Mirrors Reflects the Changing Landscape by Alyson Shotz




 Manal Al Dowayan’s installation illustrates Saudi women’s struggle for freedom

“Suspended Together” is an installation that gives the impression of movement and freedom. However, a closer look at the 200 doves allows the viewer to realize that the doves are actually frozen and suspended with no hope of flight. An even closer look shows that each dove carries on its body a permission document that allows a Saudi woman to travel. Notwithstanding their circumstances, all Saudi women are required to have this document, issued by their appointed male guardian. 

I’m still figuring out what I’m doing here. 

But I write things sometimes.

A Step By Step Guide through Jared Leto's Trans Ignorance.


Jared Leto has been winning multiple awards for playing the transgender character of Rayon in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.” The transgender community has then watched him throw them under the bus.

1. LETO: "It was the role of a lifetime," he said. "It was an incredible thing to represent this…

"Every time you use waffle words, back off from a clear statement of values and priorities and most of all, think about what’s likely instead of what’s possible, you are selling yourself out. Not just selling yourself out, but doing it too cheaply. Own your dreams. There is no better way to make them happen."

Seth Godin, On owning it (via nevver)

(via nevver)